Good Work Done

Date - 06/11/2017

Laser Speed Gun

Three Lasers based Speed Gun have been initiated for checking the rush driving by the two wheelers mainly under Purba Bardhaman District. These guns are specially used for measuring the Speed of two wheeler subsequently punishment will be given to the driver as per law.

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Date - 19/10/2017

Police managed to Stopover Narabali'(sacrifice of baby)

A rumor has been spread in & around Narkeldanga vill,Baidyapur GP under Kalna PS that one Sannyasi namely Soren of Kalna 4 no ward & who is worshipping kali puja in the crematory of the said village are arranging for 'Narabali'(sacrifice of baby). Local people assembled there. However getting information local PS rushed there & recovered 5/6 families of the adjacent areas of Debipur,bainchi along with 3/4 babies .The sannyasi has been detained.

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Date - 22/09/2017

Recovery of stolen the gold ornaments

On 21/22.09.17 night theft in respect of a dwelling house happened at Guskara Hattala. During investigation suspect grow in mind that there is a chance of involvement of any of the family members of that house. After verifying CDR it reveals that daughter in law of the family is involved in this crime as she frequently called a number on that night though her husband was present in room. After verifying, it is confirmed that the accused came and returned on the same way. On 01.11.17 both of them arrested and it came to know that the lady had illicit relationship with one Mahabbat Sk and in connivance of the lady Mahabbat Sk has stolen the gold ornaments on that night in presence of other family members of the family. During remand period the entire stolen property about 10 vories of gold has been recovered from their possession.

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Date - 02/11/2017

Rumor on Balgopal taking Sweets.

On 02.11.17 at about 17.30 hrs. thousands of people gather in the house of Shefali Ghoshami W/o Haradhan Ghoshmi at Nimtala Bazar, Dakshin Bati under Nadanghat PS. Rumor got spread that Loard Krishna came to Earth and having Sweets from their Hand as Balgopal. Situation become pandemonium as people are crowding at their house premises. Police reached the spot and used public addressing system and manage to disperse the mob.

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