The main mission of the Purba Bardhaman Police is to provide and promote a safe, peaceful and secure ambiance to the district, so that every law-abiding individual living in or visiting the district can enjoy a good quality of life and achieve what they aspire for.

Purba Bardhaman District has a chequered history.

In this rice bowl of West Bengal, there are hundreds of rice mills and cold storages. Again, it borders the mineral-rich Damodar Valley. This has led to an increase in population and influx of labourers who settled here. This massive surge of population, with increase in roads and volume of traffic is a major issue that needs to be addressed properly.
For this, we have proposed for introduction of Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) which will help us to enter into the regime of web based technology oriented transport management system. It will help Policemen to get the past record of the driver as well as the vehicle and enable them to retrieve data relating to previous offenses committed by the driver of the vehicle. It will eliminate manual operation and increase transparency in the system.
Purba Bardhaman Police will always strive to do people-friendly policing which is often referred to as community policing where Law Enforcement Agency engages actively in the community activities. We in Burdwan Police aim to be compassionate, courteous and patient, acting without fear or favour or prejudice to rights of citizens.