20th century girl review


20th century girl review
Rating 3.6/5
Movie 20th Century Girl
Type Musical, Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance
Director Bang Woo-ri
Producer Im Seung-Yong
Writer Bang Woo-ri
Cast & Crew Byeon Woo-seok, Kim Yoo-jung, Roh Yoon-seo, Park Jung-woo, Han Hyo-joo, Ong Seong-wu, Gong Myung, yoon seo-ah

The movie, which is set in the year 2022, begins by introducing us to a young woman named Na Bo-ra, played by Han Hyo-joo. She’s recording an advertisement.

The movie, which is set in the year 2022, begins by introducing us to a young woman named Na Bo-ra, played by Han Hyo-joo. She’s recording an advertisement.

During this, she gets a call from her father, informing her that a package addressed to her has been sent to her childhood home in Cheongju.

Flashback to 1999:

The story then flashes back to 1999, when a young girl named Bo-ra, played by Kim Yoo-jung, is in high school.

Her best friend, Yeon-du (played by Roh Yoon-seo), is about to undergo urgent heart surgery in America.

Before leaving, Yeon-du reveals a secret to Bo-ra: she has a crush on a guy she met at her parents’ tailor shop Baek Hyun-jin (played by Park Jung-woo).

Bo-ra promises to find out more about Hyun-jin while Yeon-du is away.

Mission Baek Hyun-jin:

Bo-ra starts observing Hyun-jin and realizes that he spends a lot of time with his best friend Poong Woon-ho (played by Byeon Woo-seok).

The three of them begin spending time together, and Bo-ra and Woon-ho discover a shared interest in filmmaking and broadcasting. Bo-ra develops a crush on Woon-ho, and it’s clear he likes her too.

However, things get complicated when Hyun-jin falls for Bo-ra.

The film captures the excitement and awkwardness of first love through these three characters.

Twist with Yeon-du’s Return:

When Yeon-du returns, she brings a twist to the story.

It turns out that the boy she fell in love with at first sight is actually Woon-ho, who coincidentally wore Hyun-jin’s uniform on the day they met.

Yeon-du finds it amusing that Bo-ra was gathering information about the wrong guy all this time.

However, Bo-ra is devastated when she realizes that both she and her best friend are in love with the same boy.

To preserve their friendship, Bo-ra encourages Yeon-du to go on a date with Woon-ho in her place and distances herself from Woon-ho.

Power of Friendship:

In a heartfelt scene, Yeon-du tells Bo-ra, “I really like Poong Woon-ho, but if he gets in the way of our friendship, I can let go of him a hundred or even a thousand times. I care the most about you.”

Yeon-du then informs Woon-ho about Bo-ra’s feelings and encourages Bo-ra to bid a final farewell to Woon-ho, who is about to move to New Zealand with his family.

Bo-ra rushes to the railway station to meet Woon-ho, leading to a touching confession of love and promises to stay in touch.

The Ending:

Bo-ra and Woon-ho continue to stay in touch until one day, his emails abruptly stop without any explanation. This blindsides Bo-ra.

The story captures the complexities of friendship and young love, with unexpected twists and heartfelt moments.

It’s a tale of growing up and navigating the challenges of relationships.

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