$700 million project could bring boom


$700 million project could bring boom

A transformative project called the Boardwalk is poised to bring substantial benefits to downtown Oklahoma City. With an estimated price tag of $700 million, the development aims to revitalize the area by introducing entertainment venues, residential spaces, employment opportunities, and parking facilities.

The project is scheduled to commence in June 2024 and is projected to take 5 to 7 years to complete. It has received the green light from the city’s Tax Increment District Review Committee.

The Boardwalk will encompass three residential towers, generating over 900 jobs and providing nearly 900 parking spaces. Additionally, it will feature a lagoon, a workforce development center, restaurants, and various entertainment options, adding vibrancy to the lower Bricktown District.

This initiative aligns with the growing trend of people gravitating towards downtown living, with rising demand for high-rise apartments in densely populated urban areas.

The Boardwalk project is considered a significant stride in enhancing Oklahoma City’s skyline and the overall appeal of Bricktown. It is expected to have a positive and far-reaching impact on the city, benefiting residents, businesses, and the broader community.

Funding for the project will be sourced from investors and lenders, while the city will offer incentives through tax increment financing. The next crucial step involves obtaining further approval from the city council, after which the project can progress toward implementation.

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