A Haunting in Venice movie review 2023


A-haunting-in-vanice Movie Review
Rating 3.3/5
Movie A Haunting in Venice
Budget $60 million
Type Holiday, Mystery & Thriller, Drama
Director Kenneth Branagh
Producer Ridley Scott, Judy Hofflund, Mark Gordon, Simon Kinberg
Writer Michael Green
Release Date (Theaters) Sep 15, 2023 Wide
Release Date (Streaming) Oct 13, 2023
Distributor 20th Century Studios
Cast & Crew Kenneth Branagh, Tina Fey, Jamie Dornan, Michelle yeoh, Kyle Allen, Camille CottinThis review talks about a movie called “A Haunting in Venice,” which is a detective story with a famous character named Hercule Poirot.

The review says it’s one of the best movies by the director Kenneth Branagh.

The movie is set in a big palace in Venice, and there are hints of spooky things happening.

Most of the action takes place during a big thunderstorm, and there are some violent scenes that might not be suitable for younger viewers.

The story is like a fun and dark puzzle, a bit like the game Clue.

It’s set in the past, right after World War II, and it’s about people who have been through a lot of tough times.

The main character, Poirot, is a retired detective who gets pulled into a new mystery.

The movie has a mix of interesting characters, like a famous writer and a psychic medium.

They all gather in the palace, and when a murder happens, Poirot decides to figure out who did it.

He locks everyone inside until he solves the mystery.

The story is a bit different from the original book, but that’s okay.

The movie captures the feeling of the late 1940s, with war orphans and people struggling to rebuild their lives after the war.

It shows how some people would do anything to go back to the way things were.

The review also mentions that Kenneth Branagh, the director, was inspired by famous directors like Orson Welles.

The movie has a unique style with interesting camera shots and angles that make it look special.

It’s like a trip back in time to old movies, and it’s visually stunning.

So, “A Haunting in Venice” is a detective movie with a spooky atmosphere, set after World War II, and it’s directed in a way that pays homage to classic films.

It’s a mix of mystery and history, and it’s visually impressive.


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