Activision CEO Reveals Next Nintendo Switch’s Power Comparable to PS4 and Xbox One


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Activision CEO Reveals Next Nintendo Switch's Power Comparable to PS4 and Xbox One

Get ready to be blown away as the visionary CEO of Activision unveils tantalizing insights about the mesmerizing successor to the iconic Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard are going through a dispute over their deal. They are presenting their arguments to a jury and the Federal Trade Commission to determine if the deal can go through. UK regulators have blocked the transaction, while Xbox is appealing for an agreement.

Now, Bobby Kotick, the president of Activision Blizzard, needs to testify in the acquisition case. He mentioned some interesting claims related to Nintendo. Kotick expressed regret for not releasing ‘Call of Duty’ on the Nintendo Switch.

He also revealed that he has been in contact with Nintendo about their upcoming consoles. Kotick stated that the next Nintendo console, referred to as “Switch 2,” will have similar power to the Xbox One and PS4.

Recently, Bobby Kotick from Activision Blizzard and Nintendo have been talking about Nintendo’s new console. It looks like the next Nintendo console will be similar in power to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Bobby Kotick wants to release ‘Call of Duty’ on the Nintendo platform.

However, he doesn’t have all the details about Nintendo’s new console yet. Once they know more, they’ll think about bringing ‘Call of Duty’ to the new Switch 2. But right now, there are no definite plans.

The Nintendo Switch uses a chip called Nvidia Tegra, which is also used in the Nvidia Shield. It’s not as powerful as desktop consoles, but it works well as a portable device. Bobby Kotick said the rumored Switch 2 would have a better processor.

Nintendo needs to officially confirm the specifications of its new console during its presentation. If Nintendo’s goal is to replicate the success of the original Switch and they plan to address resellers who drive up console prices, the new Switch 2 may not have the same power as the PS5 and Xbox Series X in order to keep costs down.

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