“Alert: Beware of Online Fraud Targeting Sarvasvant Purvasthali Residents”


"Alert: Beware of Online Fraud Targeting Sarvasvant Purvasthali Residents"

Investment Scam Rocks Purvasthali: Residents Lose Money

In Purvasthali, thousands of residents became victims of a fraudulent scheme, where they invested their money in the business of fake foreign companies through mobile apps.

Shockingly, not only the people of East Bengal but also those from South Bengal, including the East Burdwan district, fell prey to these scam artists. The fraudulent investment required depositing money into the T&G group, and some individuals even received profits a couple of times, which further encouraged innocent people to invest their hard-earned savings.

However, the situation took a dark turn when all Vokatta! T&G’s apps suddenly shut down a few weeks ago. This had a devastating impact on most residents of Purvasthali 2 block, who were the worst affected.

The main perpetrator, Sandeep Sen, who operated the investment firm, vanished after shutting off his mobile phone, leaving behind numerous cheated individuals grappling with immense losses.

As the reality of the scam unfolded, distress and panic spread among the victims. Sandeep Sen’s 20 agents, whose contact information was shared in a WhatsApp group, also found themselves in a difficult situation.

A resident of the area reported that the organization allegedly stole more than 150 crore rupees. Initially, payments were made through popular mobile payment platforms like Paytm, Phone Pay, and Google Pay, but these funds were deposited into the now-defunct T&G app.

The scam gained momentum when Sandeep Sen confidently assured investors at a function hall in Nabadwip that their investments were safe and that he would return their money if the company failed to do so.

This assurance, captured on video and widely circulated in the media, further convinced people to put their trust in the organization. Consequently, individuals ranging from eighteen to seventy years of age invested significant sums, ranging from ten thousand to five lakh taka.

Amidst growing anger and concern, some locals attacked Sandeep Sen’s house in Tamaghata, Majida Panchayat of Purvasthali 2 Block. However, they found no trace of him. The villagers fear that the money invested might not be returned, leading them to report the matter to the police.

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for caution when dealing with investment opportunities and the importance of verifying the legitimacy of such ventures.


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