“Amit Shah Recalls Vajpayee Government’s Collapse by a Single Vote in Compelling Speech”


"Amit Shah Recalls Vajpayee Government's Collapse by a Single Vote in Compelling Speech"

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, played a significant role as the ruling camp’s trump card against the no-confidence motion. While the Prime Minister was not present, Shah, often seen as the commander-in-chief, vehemently criticized the India alliance during the Lok Sabha session. If Rahul Gandhi took the spotlight during the first half of the no-confidence motion, Shah’s speech stole the show in the second half.

Shah’s speech commenced with a direct attack on the Indian alliance, repeatedly addressing the issues related to the family system. Throughout his address, he also criticized the Congress rule on multiple occasions.

Shah emphasized why India has confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi, backing his claims with statistics. He highlighted that the Modi government has garnered the most trust of any government after independence. Shah also praised Modi’s dedication, mentioning his long working hours and commitment to the country.

Regarding Modi’s stance of building a “Quiet India,” Shah clarified that the government stands against corruption, nepotism, and favoritism in politics. He highlighted Modi’s call for eliminating corruption and nepotism from the country.

Shah labeled the opposition’s no-confidence motion as an attempt to confuse the public rather than being genuinely concerned for the country’s welfare.

Significantly, Shah reminisced about the era of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, recalling the time when Vajpayee’s government faced a no-confidence motion and was defeated by a single vote. He emphasized Vajpayee’s acceptance of the parliamentary verdict during that time.

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