Music Legends Unite- Angélique Kidjo & JP Saxe Rock New York for Climate Justice


Music Legends Unite- Angélique Kidjo & JP Saxe Rock New York for Climate Justice

Exclusive Insider Details on the Star-Studded Concert That’s Changing the Climate Game

Angélique Kidjo and JP Saxe, who are famous singers, performed at a special concert in New York.

This concert is part of a United Nations project to talk about climate justice and doing the right things to fight climate change.

This concert happened at the Recording Academy’s office, and people from the United Nations who watch over human rights were there too.

They did this to celebrate the 75th birthday of a big document that talks about human rights that was created after World War II.

People at the concert also learned about how climate change is causing problems for human rights.

It’s like a big crisis because of things like floods, fires, and not having clean water to drink.

This project will continue, and they want really famous singers to talk about climate change in their concerts.

They will perform in small, special places all around the world and talk about climate problems like floods, fires, and other things.

The first concert in other countries will be on December 9th in Dubai during a big meeting about climate change.

Some other famous singers like Wesley Schultz and YOLA already did this in the United States in April.

They might do these concerts in cities like Berlin, London, Kigali, Seoul, and Rio de Janeiro next year.

The money they make from these concerts will help the United Nations and a music charity called MusiCares.

This project was talked about at a big meeting about climate change in Glasgow, Scotland, and many famous artists like Jack Black, Camila Cabello, and Cher supported it.

They want to use music to help people understand climate change better and do something about it.

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