Christina Milian Sets the Record Straight on Her ‘Play’ Connection with Jennifer Lopez


Christina Milian Sets the Record Straight on Her 'Play' Connection with Jennifer Lopez

Singer Shares Her Side of the Story and Her Positive Feelings Towards the Iconic Jennifer Lopez

In a recent interview with Page Six, Christina Milian opened up about her involvement in Jennifer Lopez’s hit song “Play” and addressed any misunderstandings surrounding their collaboration.

No Bad Blood Here: Despite rumors suggesting a possible feud, Christina Milian made it clear that she has no hard feelings towards Jennifer Lopez. She actually has a lot of love and admiration for the superstar.

The Song in Question: Milian co-wrote the catchy song “Play” with plans to sing it herself originally. If you listen carefully, you can hear some of her background vocals in J.Lo’s version of the song.

It climbed to #18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in May 2001.

Setting the Record Straight: Many fans had wondered if Christina Milian was upset about not getting credit for her vocals on “Play.” In her interview, Milian explained that she’s credited as a writer and for her background singing in the song.

She’s genuinely happy that Jennifer Lopez sang it, calling her an icon and praising her talent.

Background Singing is Common: Christina Milian pointed out that having background singers is a regular part of making music.

Even big stars like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears use background singers sometimes.

It’s all about creating a rich and beautiful blend of voices to make songs sound even better.

How the Song Came to Be: Milian shared the story of how she came up with “Play” when she was just 19 years old.

She had a track but no lyrics, so she sat down one day and wrote the song in just 15 minutes.

It was almost too easy for her! At that time, she was just starting her journey as a songwriter.

The Surprise Turn of Events: Christina Milian also revealed that she had penned another one of her signature songs, “AM to PM.” She thought her debut album had enough party songs and didn’t expect to record “Play.”

But then Tommy Mottola, the head of Sony Music Entertainment, heard the song and decided it should be Jennifer Lopez’s single. Jennifer recorded it in New York, and Christina even helped with some of the writing.

In the end, Christina Milian has nothing but love for Jennifer Lopez and is grateful for her part in creating the hit song “Play.”

It’s a great example of how music is a collaborative effort, with different voices coming together to make something fantastic.

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