“Detrick 4-Grain Rye Whiskey Sale Date Announced by Belle of Dayton Distillery”


"Detrick 4-Grain Rye Whiskey Sale Date Announced by Belle of Dayton Distillery"

Belle of Dayton Distillery, established in 2014, has gained a reputation for producing exceptional small-batch artisanal spirits. Their upcoming release of Detrick Straight Rye Whiskey Batch 4 has already received high praise, with Whiskey Consensus rating it 9.1 out of 10 for its nose, palate, finish, complexity, and value. Locally, people recognize the distillery’s commitment to quality.

The distillery’s recent release of Detrick Single Barrel Bourbon was incredibly popular, selling out in just 60 seconds after its launch on May 1. If you missed out on securing a bottle, the Van Buren Room is the only place where you can sample it.

For whiskey enthusiasts, mark your calendar for July 10 at 10 a.m., when Belle of Dayton Distillery will make Detrick Straight Rye Whiskey Batch 4 available for online purchase through their website, www.BelleofDayton.com.

The inspiration for these whiskies comes from the pre-Prohibition era, specifically the history of the Detrick Distilling Co. in Dayton.

The LaSelle Brothers, Mike, Murphy, and Tim, set out to recreate the flavors of the past by using the Great Miami Valley aquifer’s naturally filtered and mineral-rich water.

Their grain bill includes traditional rye, white corn, wheat, and malted barley, resulting in a complex and flavorful whiskey.

The distillery takes pride in its slow pot distillation process, preserving the intricate flavors, and ages the whiskey in hand-toasted, white oak casks.

After nearly a decade of dedication, Belle of Dayton Distillery is proud to bring back Detrick Fine Whiskies, marking the first rye whiskey made in Dayton since the Prohibition era.

This release is a true “small batch” whiskey, crafted from just four barrels. Bottled at 104 proof, it offers a robust flavor profile. The retail price for Detrick Straight Rye Whiskey Batch 4 is $70 USD. It represents the culmination of years of anticipation and revives the tradition of rye whiskey in Dayton.

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