Experience the captivating showcase of Pastor Varghese John in Dallas


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Experience the captivating showcase of Pastor Varghese John in Dallas

Join us for a special exhibition of Pastor Varghese John (85), the son of the Late Mr. Poovakkar and Kuttiamma, hosted at their cherished home in Kolkata, Dallas.

This remarkable event will take place on June 30th, from 6:30 PM to 9 PM, at the beautiful First At Firewheel Church located on Garland-Lavon Drive.

Experience the spiritual journey of Pastor Varghese John as he shares his wisdom and insights during this exhibition.

The following day, on July 1st, Saturday, starting at 9 AM, a reverent worship service will be held at the First At Firewheel Church. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere and connect with your spiritual side.

Continuing the celebration, join us for a cultural gathering at the Like View Seminar Hall (2343 Like Road, Lavon).

Explore the traditions and values that shape our lives and foster a sense of community.

Make sure to mark your calendars for this enriching event that highlights the life and teachings of Pastor Varghese John.

Join us in Dallas for an unforgettable experience filled with spirituality and cultural significance.

During the period of 1972 to 1988, Pastor Varghese John served as a dedicated minister in various churches within Ernakulam district, Kerala.

He was not only known as a compassionate caretaker but also as a prolific writer.

Pastor Varghese John has contributed numerous articles and poems that were published in contemporary Christian publications, gaining him recognition and acclaim.

His writings reflect the spirit of the time and provide valuable insights into the Christian faith.

Varghese John’s works, such as the collection of short stories titled “Azhathile Cheru Muthukal” (Tiny Pearls in the Depth) and the poetry anthology called “Ente Uthama Geethangal” (My Best Songs), have garnered significant attention and praise.

Varghese is married to Marykutty, and they reside in a new house in Thrissur. They have children named Animol (Anipol) and Ajimol (Ashli Mathew).

Their grandchildren are Thomas Paul, and Abraham Mathew (Regi), and their great-grandchildren are Justin-Michelle Paul, Stephen Mathew, Janice Paul, Jason Paul, and Sharon Mathew.

Varghese also has siblings named Leelamma, Georgekutty, Kunnunmol, Paretharay Rosemma, and Alice.

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