Fair Play Movie Review (2023)


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Fair Play Movie Review
Rating 3.6/5
Movie Fair Play
$20 million
Type Drama
Director Chloe Domont
Producer Leopold Hughes, Ben LeClair, Allan Mandelbaum, Tim White, Trevor White
Writer Chloe Domont
Release Date (Theaters) Sep 29, 2023
Release Date (Streaming) Oct 13, 2023
Distributor Netflix
Cast & Crew Phoebe Dynevor, Alden Ehrenreich, Eddie Marsan, Rich Sommer, Geraldine Somerville, Sebastian Souza

This review talks about a movie called “Fair Play.” It’s about two people who work together at a big financial company and secretly have a romantic relationship.

The main characters are Emily and Luke. Emily is a hardworking woman, and Luke is her boyfriend.

They have a passionate relationship, but it becomes complicated when they both want a promotion at their job.

The movie shows how their relationship falls apart slowly.

Emily works really hard and is better at her job, but Luke becomes jealous and starts using mean tricks against her.

He even becomes physically aggressive.

The movie also explores how they come from different backgrounds.

Emily had to work really hard to get where she is, while Luke thinks he deserves everything because he’s always wanted it.

Their relationship starts off passionate, but as Emily succeeds at work, Luke becomes resentful and tries to control her.

It’s a movie about how male violence is a sign of weakness, not strength.

The actors did a great job, especially Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Emily.

She hides her true feelings in public but shows the stress of her situation through small signs.

In one part of the movie, Emily finally speaks out against Luke, which is a powerful moment.

It’s a bit like a classic movie called “Gaslight,” but with a twist.

The movie has some dramatic moments and dialogue, and the settings are a bit repetitive, but overall, it’s a gripping film that explores power dynamics in work and relationships.

So, “Fair Play” is a movie about a secret romance at a finance company, and it shows how the relationship falls apart because of jealousy and control issues.

It also talks about how women can succeed in male-dominated fields.

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