“I am here to win games, I will play against them”: Trump excited his supporters.


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"I am here to win games, I will play against them": Trump excited his supporters.

Former US President Donald Trump alleges that the Biden administration is presenting accusations against him unfairly, aiming to gain an advantage by exaggerating the charges.

Trump claims that all the alleged wrongdoings attributed to him were politically motivated actions taken by the government’s judiciary branch in response to his actions.

Trump says: -“I am being falsely accused for your sake. Those who love our country will understand this. It’s a big game. I am innocent. I play games to win.

This is a deliberate attempt to belittle and humiliate me in the upcoming election. They will do anything to prevent me from succeeding.”

Trump made his stance clear at the Faith and Freedom Coalition gala in Washington. He reiterated that he is being falsely accused for an extended period. He sees this impeachment as an attempt to prevent him from becoming president again.

Trump criticized Joe Biden as the most incompetent president in the history of the country. He also highlighted the case against Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, currently facing scrutiny.

Trump gained public support as the allegations continued, boosting his popularity. Trump, who is making another attempt to become president, has been consistently appearing on the political stage against Biden, despite the passage of some time.

As allegations persisted, Trump’s popularity grew, gaining support from the public. Despite the passage of time, Trump, who is seeking to become president once again, has been actively engaging in political debates with Biden, maintaining a consistent presence on the political stage.


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