Jennifer Hudson Show Postpones Premiere and Pauses Production Amidst Writers Strike Backlash


Jennifer Hudson Show Postpones Premiere and Pauses Production Amidst Writers Strike Backlash

Drew Barrymore’s Decision Sparks Domino Effect Across Daytime Talk Shows

In an unexpected turn of events, “The Jennifer Hudson Show” has delayed its highly-anticipated season premiere and halted production as backlash mounts during the ongoing writer’s strike, according to sources at Variety.

Originally scheduled to kick off its new season on Monday, September 18, Jennifer Hudson’s talk show has been the center of attention in the daytime television world due to a series of recent developments.

The controversy began when Drew Barrymore publicly announced that her own talk show would return to the airwaves despite the ongoing writers’ strike.

However, Barrymore subsequently reversed her decision, causing a significant ripple effect in the daytime talk show landscape.

On Sunday, Barrymore officially announced that her show would not be returning at this time, citing the backlash as a contributing factor to her decision.

This move, in turn, has prompted other shows to reconsider their plans. CBS’ “The Talk” also chose to postpone its premiere date in light of the shifting dynamics within the industry.

Despite the uncertainty and shifting landscape, Sherri Shepherd’s talk show, “Sherri,” is set to make its return on Monday.

Notably, Shepherd’s show is not affiliated with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and thus remains unaffected by the strike.

Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson’s talk show, which recently relocated from Los Angeles to New York City, has not yet announced a definitive premiere date.

“The View,” a daytime talk show that employs two WGA writers, has been broadcasting throughout the strike period without its regular writing staff.

This raises questions about how various shows are navigating the unique challenges posed by the strike.

It’s important to note that talk shows like Jennifer Hudson’s operate under the SAG-AFTRA Network Code, a separate set of rules that allows hosts such as Hudson and Barrymore to continue their hosting duties without violating SAG-AFTRA regulations.

Hudson’s nationally syndicated show, which is subject to WGA coverage, had originally planned to begin its season without writers, with the intention of resuming WGA writers once a new contract is in place.

The evolving situation surrounding these talk shows underscores the complex interplay between the ongoing writer’s strike and the challenges faced by the daytime television industry.

As viewers await further updates, the future of “The Jennifer Hudson Show” and its counterparts remains uncertain.

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