Johnny Marr Drops Never-Before-Heard Hits! New Album ‘Spirit Power’ Unleashes Musical Fireworks


Johnny Marr Drops Never-Before-Heard Hits! New Album 'Spirit Power' Unleashes Musical Fireworks

Get Ready for a Sonic Journey with Marr’s Best, Plus Surprise Gems – Exclusive Inside Scoop!

Johnny Marr is releasing a collection of his best songs on November 3. He has a new song called “Somewhere,” which he wrote while touring with the Killers and Blondie in 2022.

The album, called “Spirit Power,” will have 16 tracks from his solo career.

Johnny Marr picked the songs himself, and there will be two new ones, “The Answer” and “Somewhere.”

He also covered a song by Depeche Mode called “I Feel You.”

If you get the deluxe version of the album, you’ll also get to hear some demos and rare songs that haven’t been released before.

In December, Johnny Marr will celebrate 10 years as a solo artist by doing two shows in Manchester.

He will sing with a big orchestra, and he’s really excited about it.

So, Johnny Marr is giving his fans a special album and some amazing concerts to enjoy!

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