“May’s Magnificent Milestone: 34 Lakh Passengers Soar Through Hamad Airport!”


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"May's Magnificent Milestone: 34 Lakh Passengers Soar Through Hamad Airport!"

Last month, 34,40,184 passengers traveled through Hamad International Airport in Doha. The aviation statistics released by Qatar Civil Aviation Authority revealed that May’s air traffic surpassed the figures of May 2022, which recorded 28,14,646 passengers.

This indicates a growth rate of 22.2% in passenger numbers compared to the same month last year. This achievement marks a new record for the airport.

In recent years, May has witnessed a significant increase in passenger numbers, exceeding 34 lakh. Last month, a total of 20,226 flights arrived at the airport.

Compared to May 2022, there was a growth rate of 16.6%. In the previous year, May welcomed 17,348 flights. Additionally, the airport handled 1,93,008 tons of cargo mail during the month.

This year, the number of passengers in January was 35,59,063, in February it was 32,40,117, and in March it was 35,16,939. With the conclusion of the FIFA World Cup, there has been a significant increase in both domestic and transit passengers reaching the country through the airport.

In the coming years, Qatar Tourism aims to increase the annual number of visitors to the country to 60 lakhs. To achieve this, various measures will be implemented. Over the next 7 years, efforts will be made to enhance the tourism infrastructure and contribute to economic development, with a target of increasing the tourism sector’s contribution by 12%.


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