“New Van Needed: Couple’s Vehicle Tied to Police Murder Investigation”


"New Van Needed: Couple's Vehicle Tied to Police Murder Investigation"[Photo by Scripps News Lexington]

The stolen van that was taken during a crime spree, which tragically resulted in the death of Scott County Sheriff’s Deputy Caleb Conley, is unlikely to be returned to the couple it was taken from. Steven Sheangshang, who was indicted on various charges, including murder, is accused of stealing the van at gunpoint from Gary and Rebecca McQuain.

Although the McQuains were initially informed that their van had been recovered, they soon discovered that it would be held as evidence for the ongoing court case.

This has left them in a difficult situation, as the van was their only means of transportation, and they now face the challenge of replacing Gary McQuain’s identification cards and potentially needing to make a car payment they cannot afford.

The McQuains, both retired, rely on a fixed income, and Rebecca McQuain works part-time at Walmart to supplement their finances. They understand the necessity of keeping their belongings as evidence but find themselves in a difficult position due to the loss of their vehicle.

Rebecca and Gary McQuain expressed their reluctance to get their stolen van back due to the traumatic events associated with it.

They mentioned that Sheangshang, the perpetrator, was bleeding when he robbed them at gunpoint, leading them to believe that there is blood in the van. Additionally, they discovered a bullet hole in it. Given these circumstances, they have no desire to reclaim the vehicle, as it holds too many distressing memories.

Their insurance company is expected to consider the van as totaled once they receive confirmation from authorities that it will not be returned. However, the insurance payout for their older, fully paid-off van will not be sufficient to purchase a reliable replacement. They emphasized the need for a dependable vehicle, as Gary lacks mechanical skills.

Although the couple had no intention of setting up a GoFundMe for themselves, their son initiated one on their behalf.

As they navigate the aftermath of the incident that occurred on May 22, their primary concern is for the family of Deputy Caleb Conley, expressing deep empathy for the young mother and her children who have lost their husbands and father.

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