The NMS Volleyball Rolling Trophy belongs to the Kerala Scarboro.


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The NMS Volleyball Rolling Trophy belongs to the Kerala Scarboro.

In the NMS Volleyball National Tournament organized by the Nayaagra Malayali Society, the Kerala Scarboro emerged as the champions for the second time.

They won two out of three sets in the final. NMS’s Nayaagra Blasters secured second position.

The competition involved twelve teams in total. The team that secured the first position received a prize of $5001, while the second-placed team received $2501. The NMS Blue Bra

mpton received $1001 for securing the third position, and the Brampton Spikers received $501 for securing the fourth position.

The Nayaagra Falls MP Tony Baldinelli and Nayaagra West MP Dean Allison jointly inaugurated the tournament.

Nayaagra Falls City Councillor Mo Patella also attended the event as a guest.

Various cultural performances and activities were organized in conjunction with the closing ceremony.

There was also a food festival featuring a diverse range of flavors and cuisines.

The event was led by President Biju Pakalomattam, with MP George Kappukattu as the Diary Board Chairman.

Pintho Joseph served as the Treasurer, and Rajesh Pappachan was the Joint Secretary.

Jaymon Mappilassery acted as the Team Coordinator, while Caleb Varghese, Madhu Siriak, Rambhadran, and Robin Chirayath were the Game Controllers.

Shipa Jogi, Kristy Jose, Bindhu Joy, Mathew Dacrenstoni, and Varghese Jos were the Program Coordinators.

Sujith Shivananth, a member of the Food Committee, along with Shobin Baby and Anoop Raju, Rajeev Variyar, and Jeffin Biju, who managed the Scoreboard Control, was also part of the organizing team.

Peter Thekkethal led the ceremony as the Chairman of the Administrative Documents. The tournament, which was eagerly awaited by volleyball enthusiasts, was a great success.

President Biju Pakalomattam stated that it was a significant achievement to transform it into the biggest tournament in North America.

With the participation of 12 teams, this inaugural tournament has made its mark in the history books, as mentioned by Team Coordinator Jaymon Mappilassery.

In a highly successful tournament, President Biju Pakalomattam, Dietrich Board Chairman George Kappukattu, Treasurer Pinto Joseph, Joint Secretary Rajesh Pappachan, Team Coordinator Jaimon Mappilassery, Game Controllers Caleb Varghese, Madhu Sireekumar, Rambhadran, Food Coordinator Robin Chirayath, Program Coordinators Shiba Jogi, Christy Jose, Bindhya Joy, Document Administrator Sujith Shivananth, Food Committee Members Shobin Baby, Anoop Raju, Rajeev Variyar, Scoreboard Controller Jefin Biju, and Game Committee Member Alvin Jaimon led the event.

The tournament, which was greatly appreciated by volleyball enthusiasts, was conducted with great success.

President Biju Pakalomattam mentioned that it was a significant tournament that transformed into the largest tournament in North America.

The tournament, with the participation of 12 teams, created a milestone in the history of the first tournament, as highlighted by Team Coordinator Jaimon Mappilassery.

In the competition held at the Canada Games Park in Niagara, the mega sponsors were Stratford Kia and Oakville Mitsubishi.

The realtors Arjun Sankumar, Bineesh Baby, Thomas Sakkariya (Immigration Consultant), Saji Mangalathu (Royal Kerala Foods), Tomi Kokkattu (Coccadans Group), and Lower Chris Laman were the event sponsors.

The participating teams included Dallas Strikes, London Falcons Red, Mississauga Blazers, Dream Team Hamilton, M.A.S.C. Edmonton Spikes, Royal Kerala Toronto, Dream Team Juniors, and London Falcons.

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