purba bardhaman district police

Purba Bardhaman district police is the police force responsible for maintaining law and order in the Purba Bardhaman district of West Bengal, India. The district is located in the eastern part of the state. The Purba Bardhaman district police force works under the jurisdiction of the West Bengal Police.

The district police are responsible for preventing and detecting crimes, maintaining public order, ensuring the safety of citizens, and enforcing the law within their jurisdiction.

They handle various types of cases, including criminal offenses, traffic violations, maintaining peace during public events, and providing assistance to the public during emergencies.

Some detailed information about Purba Bardhaman district police:


Jurisdiction: Purba Bardhaman district police have jurisdiction over the entire Purba Bardhaman district, which is located in the eastern part of West Bengal, India. The district covers an area of approximately 4,545 square kilometers.

Headquarters: The headquarters of Purba Bardhaman district police is located in Bardhaman City, which serves as the administrative center of the district.

Organizational Structure: The district police force is headed by a Superintendent of Police (SP) or Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP). They are responsible for overall law enforcement and maintenance of order in the district. The district is further divided into police subdivisions and police stations, each headed by an officer of the rank of Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) or Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and an Officer-in-Charge (OC) respectively.

Crime Prevention and Detection: Purba Bardhaman district police actively work towards preventing and detecting crimes within their jurisdiction. They employ various strategies such as patrolling, investigation, and community engagement to ensure the safety and security of the residents.

Traffic Management: The district police are responsible for managing traffic within the Purba Bardhaman district. They regulate traffic flow, enforce traffic rules and regulations, and take necessary actions against traffic violators.

Emergency Response: Purba Bardhaman district police play a crucial role in emergency response situations. They coordinate with other emergency services such as fire department and ambulance services to provide assistance during accidents, natural disasters, or other emergencies.

Community Policing: The district police actively engage with the community to build trust, gather information, and address local issues. They organize awareness campaigns, community meetings, and outreach programs to promote a safer and more secure environment.

Specialized Units: Purba Bardhaman district police may have specialized units such as crime investigation teams, traffic units, anti-narcotics units, and cybercrime cells to handle specific types of crimes and challenges.

Purba Bardhaman Police Station

Purba Bardhaman district has multiple police stations to cater to the law enforcement needs of various areas within the district. Here are some of the prominent police stations in Purba Bardhaman district:

Bardhaman Police Station: This is the main police station in Bardhaman city and serves as the headquarters of the district police. It is located at the heart of the city and covers a significant portion of the district.

Kalna Police Station: Located in Kalna town, this police station has jurisdiction over Kalna and its surrounding areas.

Durgapur Police Station: Situated in the industrial city of Durgapur, this police station caters to law and order enforcement in Durgapur and its neighboring regions.

Burdwan Kotwali Police Station: Located in the central part of Bardhaman city, this police station covers the Kotwali area and handles law enforcement in that region.

Raina Police Station: Situated in Raina town, this police station is responsible for maintaining law and order in Raina and nearby areas.

Galsi Police Station: Located in Galsi town, this police station has jurisdiction over Galsi and its surrounding regions.

Katwa Police Station: Situated in Katwa town, this police station is responsible for law enforcement in Katwa and adjoining areas.

Burdwan Police Station Contact number

Pin No:- 713101
PH. NO. : Control Room:- 9147888570
Office No:- 0342 2662956
Fax:- 033-2479-4050 

Purba Bardhaman Email ID

Email:- policewb@gmail.com


Purba bardhaman police station list

Here is a list of police stations in Purba Bardhaman district, West Bengal
1. Bardhaman Police Station
2. Kanksa Police Station
3. Raina Police Station
4. Kalna Police Station
5. Memari Police Station
6. Purbasthali Police Station
7. Katwa Police Station
8. Katwa Police Station
9. Ketugram Police Station
10. Mangolkote Police Station
11. Bhatar Police Station
12. Ausgram Police Station
13. Jamalpur Police Station
14. Jamuria Police Station
15. Raniganj Police Station
16. Galsi Police Station
17. Salanpur Police Station
18. Andal Police Station
19. Pandabeswar Police Station
20. Durgapur Police Station
21. New Township Police Station


SP Purba Bardhaman

1. KAMANASISH SEN IPS ( Present S.P) 06/05/2021 Up to date
2. AJEET KUMAR SINGH IPS  19/04/2021 05/05/2021
3. BHASKAR MUKHERJEE IPS 11/06/2018 19/04/2021
4. K. AGGARWAL IPS 26/05/2016 11/06/2018
5. GAURAV SHARMA IPS 19/03/2016 26/05/2016
6. K.AGGARWAL IPS 02/03/2015 19/03/2016
7. S.M.H.MEERZA IPS 20/05/2014 02/03/2015
8. MEERAJ KHALID IPC 09/04/2014 20/05/2014
9. S.M.H.MEERZA IPS 30/01/2012 09/04/2014
10. DR.HUMAYAN KABIR IPS 21/01/2011 31/08/2011
11. SHRI R.RAJASEKHRAN IPS 04/07/2008 07/01/2011
12. SHRI PEEYUSH PANDEY IPS 15/07/2005 04/07/2008
13. SHRI NIRAJ KUMAR SINGH IPS 03/06/2004 15/07/2005
14. SHRI KAILASHC CH MEENA IPS 26/09/2003 03/06/2004
15. SHRI B.N.RAMESH IPS 01/09/2001 26/09/2003
16. SHRI M.MALAVIYA IPS 28/09/2000 01/09/2001
17. SHRI R.KUMAR IPS 27/01/2000 28/09/2000
18. SHRI S.GHOSH IPS 27/07/1998 27/01/2000
19. SHRI G.C.DUTT IPS 19/09/1996 27/07/1998
20. SHRI ANIL KUMAR IPS 15/07/1994 29/09/1995
21. SHRI A.K.MALIWAL IPS 01/01/1993 05/07/1994
22. SHRI P.N.SAHA IPS 20/02/1991 01/01/1993
23. SHRI N.K.SINGH IPS 11/06/1987 20/02/1991
24. SHRI H.UPADHYAY IPS 06/05/1985 11/06/1987
25. SHRI S.RAMKRISHNA IPS 12/07/1982 06/05/1985
26. SHRI H.A.SAFWI IPS 29/03/1980 12/07/1982
27. SHRI M.K.SINGH IPS 14/08/1978 29/03/1980
28. SHRI A.K.SAMANTA IPS 11/06/1976 14/08/1978
29. SHRI B.N.MUKHERJEE IPS 26/11/1973 11/06/1976
30. SHRI S.J.BARMAN IPS 08/05/1973 26/11/1973
31. SHRI A.K.DUTTA IPS 26/07/1972 08/05/1973
32. SHRI P.G.MUKHERJI IPS 04/06/1970 26/07/1972
33. SHRI R.K.BHATTACHARYYA IPS 25/01/1968 04/06/1970
34. SHRI S.K.SINHA IPS 22/06/1964 25/01/1968
35. SHRI MAJ.A.R.MUKHERJEE IPS 24/04/1963 22/06/1964
36. SHRI P.K.SEN IPS 17/08/1960 24/04/1963
37. SHRI H.K.CHAKRAVARTTI IPS 28/09/1958 17/08/1960
38. SHRI S.C.DE CHAUDHURY IPS 05/06/1957 28/09/1958
39. SHRI M.K.MOKHERJEE IPS 25/07/1955 05/06/1957
40. SHRI K.C.BASU IPS 23/02/1953 25/07/1955
41. SHRI R.K.GUPTA IP 15/01/1951 23/02/1953
42. Shri J.MUKHARJI IP 15/03/1950 15/01/1951
43. Shri B.C.CHATTERJEE IP 14/04/1948 15/03/1950
44. Mr M.A.H.MASWOOD IP 21/08/1947 14/04/1948
45. Mr A.K.MALCOLM IP 01/04/1947 21/08/1947
46. Mr J.E.ADAMS IP 20/06/1946 01/04/1947
47. Mr S.GUPTA IP 12/05/1944 20/06/1946
48. KHAN BAHADUR H.RAHAMAN IP 24/02/1941 12/05/1944
49. MR W.H.BEMROSE IP 07/12/1938 24/02/1941
50. MR K.ROY IP 15/02/1937 07/12/1938
51. MR D.S.MAXTED IP 14/01/1937 15/02/1937
52. MR I.J.CLARK IP 20/10/1934 14/01/1937