Reptile movie review 2023


Reptile movie review 2023
Reptile Movie Rating 3.6 / 5
 Genre Crime, Drama
Reptile Movie Budget $150 million
Language English
Director Grant Singer
Producer Thad Luckinbill, Trent Luckinbill, Molly Smith
Writer Benjamin Brewer, Grant Singer, Benicio del Toro
Editor Kevin Hickman
Executive producers Benicio Del Toro, Rick Yorn, Rachel Smith
Costume designer Amanda Ford
Reptile Movie Release Date (Theaters) Sep 29, 2023 Limited
Release Date (Streaming) Oct 6, 2023
Runtime 2h 14m
Distributor Netflix
Production Co Black Label Media
Sound Mix Dolby Digital


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Reptile Movie Review:

“Reptile Movie” features Benicio Del Toro as Detective Tom Nichols, and he delivers a standout performance.

Del Toro’s portrayal of Tom Nichols is both compelling and restrained, conveying a character who has seen his fair share of dark moments and is seeking a sense of peace in his life.

His performance is marked by subtle nuances in body language and the intense expressions in his eyes, making it one of the film’s highlights.

The film’s story revolves around a murder case involving Will Grady (played by Justin Timberlake), a real estate mogul in Scarborough, and his girlfriend Summer (Matilda Lutz).

The two flip foreclosed homes in the area, are closely monitored by Will’s mother, Camille (Frances Fisher).

As tensions simmer in their relationship, the plot takes a dark turn when Will discovers Summer brutally murdered in a house she was showing.

Detective Tom Nichols, along with his partner Dan Cleary (Ato Essandoh), swiftly begins investigating the case, and a list of suspects quickly emerges.

Will Grady appears suspicious due to his unsettling behavior and the fact that he found the body.

Another potential suspect is Summer’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Sam (Karl Glusman), who exhibits odd and eccentric behavior, such as turning strangers’ hair into art on CCTV footage.

The list of possible murderers further expands to include Eli Phillips (Michael Pitt), whose father had a contentious history with Grady.

The screenplay, penned by Grant Singer, Benjamin Brewer, and Benicio Del Toro himself, introduces a plethora of characters orbiting Detective Tom Nichols, including his wife Judy (Alicia Silverstone), who assists him in solving the case.

These characters are written with distinctive traits and quirks, attempting to deviate from traditional character archetypes.

However, this abundance of eccentricity can sometimes feel overdone and contrived, reminding the audience that they are watching a movie.

One of the film’s major issues lies in its style versus vision.

While it boasts plenty of stylistic elements, it never seems to coalesce into a clear and compelling overall vision.

The cinematography, skillfully handled by Mike Gioulakis, captures imposing spaces but often lacks a deeper purpose or meaning.

The film’s style feels increasingly hollow as its lengthy 134-minute runtime unfolds.

“Reptile Movie” grapples with the fundamental problem of trying to juggle too many elements simultaneously without effectively resolving them.

Subplots remain unresolved, and characters display inconsistencies in their development, leaving the audience with a sense of dissatisfaction and confusion.

Despite these narrative shortcomings, Del Toro’s performance shines through as a beacon of excellence.

He embodies Detective Tom Nichols with a quiet, brooding intensity, allowing the character’s trauma and experiences to shape his demeanor.

Del Toro’s portrayal is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft.

In the end, “Reptile Movie” is a film that struggles to find its footing amidst its ambitions.

While it boasts a standout performance from Benicio Del Toro, the movie’s style overwhelms its substance, resulting in an unfocused narrative that fails to tie together its various elements effectively.

The film leaves viewers with the feeling that Del Toro’s exceptional acting deserves a more cohesive and engaging vehicle for his talents.

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