Sai Rajesh dismisses rumours about his next film


Sai Rajesh dismisses rumours about his next film

Sai Rajesh, the director who made the popular movie “Baby,” just had a big success with that film.

People are excited to know what his next movie will be.

Some websites on the internet said that he might make a new movie with a young actor named Kiran Abbavaram.

But Sai Rajesh, in a funny way on his Instagram, said that he doesn’t have a good idea for a movie with Kiran Abbavaram yet.

He was joking and asked how he could make a movie without a good story.

Kiran Abbavaram has another movie called “Rules Ranjann” coming out on September 28, 2023, with Neha Sshetty as the main actress.

It’s supposed to be a fun movie.

There’s also a rumor online that Kiran Abbavaram might work with another director named Srikanth Addala on a new project, but nobody has confirmed it yet. So, people are waiting for more news.

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