“Severe Weather Alert: Rain Forecast for Purba and Paschim Burdwan Today”


"Severe Weather Alert: Rain Forecast for Purba and Paschim Burdwan Today"

Burdwan: Purba Burdwan is a significant agricultural district in West Bengal, India. On April 7, 2017, Burdwan was divided into East and West Burdwan districts. In East Burdwan, the main crop cultivated is paddy, and farmers also grow jute, potato, sugarcane, and various vegetables. It’s crucial to be aware of the district’s weather conditions and the possibility of natural calamities to aid agricultural activities.

Weather in Bengal

Climate change and global warming have intensified the flood situation in the region. The pattern of rainfall has changed, leading to more severe floods. This has affected East Burdwan too. Southern Bengal is experiencing a deficiency of rain, likely due to the unfavorable environment in the Bay of Bengal. However, meteorologists predict that rainfall may increase in the region over the next week.

Currently, a depression has formed over the North Bay of Bengal, expected to move toward the adjacent areas of Odisha and Chhattisgarh. The monsoon axis extends through Bikaner-Kota over the low-pressure area off the south Odisha coast to the east-central Bay of Bengal.

Weather Forecast

Starting from Saturday, rainfall is expected to increase in South Bengal, with the likelihood of heavy rain in Odisha and coastal districts. On Sunday and Monday, scattered heavy rain is anticipated. The rest of the district will experience a partly cloudy sky with the chance of light to moderate rain accompanied by thundershowers. The humidity will also rise due to increased water vapor in the air.

Meteorologists will closely monitor the scattered heavy rain to assess if it compensates for the rainfall deficiency.

Please note that weather conditions can change rapidly, and it’s essential to stay updated with the latest forecasts for accurate information.

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