“State Supt. Ryan Walters Clarifies Tulsa Race Massacre Comments”


"State Supt. Ryan Walters Clarifies Tulsa Race Massacre Comments"

Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters has been facing controversy and national attention for his comments on the Tulsa Race Massacre.

In an interview with Fox 25, Walters defended himself and claimed that his words were taken out of context. He stated that the Tulsa Race Massacre was a terrible and evil event perpetrated by individuals who acted in a racist and evil manner.

During the interview, Walters mentioned attending a public forum in Norman on July 6, where he clarified his stance on the Tulsa Race Massacre.

He explained that he never intended to imply that individuals were inherently racist based on their race, color, or gender. However, he asserted the importance of judging the actions of individuals, including historical events like the Tulsa Race Massacre.

When shown the full clip of his remarks from the event, Walters stated that he agreed with everything he said during the forum and acknowledged the severity of the events that occurred. He expressed his belief that students should be taught about the Tulsa Race Massacre and the significance of understanding historical actions.

However, Black Wall Street expert Hannibal B. Johnson argued that it is challenging to discuss the Tulsa Race Massacre without acknowledging its racial context.

He emphasized that the event is commonly referred to as the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre or historically as the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, highlighting the role of race in the events that transpired.

The Greenwood Rising Black Wall St. History Center extended an invitation to Walters to visit their facility, aiming to provide him with a deeper understanding of the truth behind the events of 1921 and the role of race in shaping them.

In response to the controversy, Walters was asked about his message to the angered and disgruntled Oklahomans, but no further details about his response were provided in the given information.

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