The board is running smoothly, In hot situation


The board is running smoothly, In hot situation

Burdwan:- There was a tense situation in Khandghosh’s Shashanga Panchayat as two groups gathered on opposite sides of the road, surrounded by a strong police presence. The tension was related to the Chief and Vice-Chief election in the panchayat. However, the election was ultimately conducted smoothly, with the consent of both parties, without following the traditional polling process.

Rimpa Saha Pramanik was elected as the Chief, while Golak Roy became the Vice-Chief. This election was unique in that it was held without going through the official polling procedure.

The process involved discussions among the members, and the group with the majority of members was given the Chief position, while the elected Chief’s party member became the Deputy Chief. The Deputy Chief nominee initially named was not selected.

The election took place at noon, and the block administration allowed the members to enter an hour prior. Out of the 22 members, 17 were present during the election. Among the members, 16 were reportedly affiliated with the Trinamool Congress party. Of these, 9 were said to be aligned with block president Aparthib Islam, while 7 were followers of MLA Navin Chandra Bagh. One member was associated with the CPM party.

The choice for Deputy Chief created discussions among the members. There were allegations that the Chief and Deputy Chief positions were influenced by the affiliations of the block president and the legislator.

A bus trip incident involving alleged attacks on members aligned with the MLA’s followers also played a role in the dynamics.

Allegations were made that certain members were “kidnapped” and attacked during a visit to the Sundarbans. As a result, some members chose not to attend the board formation. This incident and ongoing tensions led to heightened security by the police during the election process.

After the election of the Chief and Deputy Chief, both the elected members and the followers of the block president and MLA walked out of the panchayat together. Golak Roy, the newly elected Deputy Chief, mentioned that party directives were followed, and the decision was made after discussions among the members.

He emphasized that the party’s instructions were the final word, and they did not seek a traditional poll.

In summary, the Chief and Vice-Chief election in Shashanga Panchayat was conducted through discussions and consent, with members affiliating with the Trinamool Congress party being the key players in the decision-making process. The election took place amidst tensions and with tight police security.

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