Sleepless Nights and Heart-Stopping Drama! Vicky McClure Stars in New Thriller ‘Insomnia


Sleepless Nights and Heart-Stopping Drama! Vicky McClure Stars in New Thriller 'Insomnia

Get Ready for a Suspenseful Ride as ‘Insomnia’ Takes the Small Screen by Storm!

A New TV Series:
There’s a new TV series coming, and it’s based on a thrilling novel called “Insomnia” by Sarah Pinborough. It’s all about a story that involves sleep troubles and lots of suspense.

Casting Revealed:
They’ve chosen the actors who will play the characters in the series. Some of the actors include Vicky McClure, Tom Cullen, Leanne Best, and others.

Vicky McClure, in particular, is well-known for her roles in TV shows like “Line of Duty,” “Trigger Point,” and “This Is England.”

Production Details:
Vicky McClure, besides acting, has her own production company called “Build Your Own Films.”

This company is now part of the team working on the series.

The Plot:
In the series, Vicky McClure plays the character Emma Averill, who is a successful woman with a good career.

However, her life starts to become a nightmare when she stops being able to sleep, just like her mother did when she was the same age.

It’s a mystery that leads to a lot of suspense and excitement.

Behind the Scenes:
The show will be directed by Börkur Sigthorsson, who has experience in making other TV shows.

There are also some executive producers like Andy Harries, Jessica Burdett, Tim Bricknell, and of course, Sarah Pinborough, the author of the novel.

Production Team:
Charlotte Essex is working as the producer, and Sarah Pinborough herself is adapting her own novel for the screen.

The series is being made with the help of production companies like Left Bank Pictures, Build Your Own Films, and Sony Pictures Television.

International Release:
Once it’s ready, the series will be available for people to watch all around the world, thanks to Sony Pictures Television. So, it’s not just for one country; it’s for a global audience.

Paramount+’s Plan:
This series is part of Paramount+’s plan to make many international shows. They want to create 150 new shows by the year 2025. It’s part of their strategy to bring exciting content to viewers.

So, get ready for a thrilling TV series called “Insomnia” with a fantastic cast and an intriguing plot. It’s part of a bigger plan to bring more international shows to audiences worldwide.

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