When A Film Critic Gets Married At The Movies


When A Film Critic Gets Married At The Movies

It sounds like a truly heartwarming and cinematic wedding! Collin Souter and Kerry Finegan, who are both involved in the world of film, celebrated their love in a unique and movie-inspired way.

Their wedding took place at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, a beloved cinema palace, and was officiated by Erik Childress, a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association.

Collin wore a special suit inspired by a character from the movie “Something Wild,” while Kerry wore a beautiful Irish green dress that she had handmade herself.

Their attention to movie-themed details made their wedding day even more special.

Their love story began at a film festival held at the same theater, where Kerry asked Collin on a date.

It’s a lovely reminder of how movie theaters can be places where connections are made.

They also paid tribute to loved ones who had passed away, including Collin’s late father and film critic Sergio Mims.

One charming aspect of their wedding was the inclusion of a movie screening for their guests before the ceremony.

They showed clips from their favorite movies, including a scene from “The Big Sick,” the first film they saw together.

Their wedding rings were film strips, adding a creative touch to their ceremony.

The wedding reception was filled with joy, and the couple even broke into a whimsical dance inspired by Laurel and Hardy.

It’s clear that their love is not only deep but also filled with humor and happiness.

Attending this event allowed the author to learn more about their fellow film critics, including an interesting fact about CFCA member Dann Gire’s son-in-law having a similar name.

The evening concluded with a screening of “Sorcerer” in honor of the late filmmaker William Friedkin, who had a special connection to Roger Ebert.

Overall, this cinematic wedding celebrated love, movies, and the beautiful connections that can be made in the world of film.

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